Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve

    Circa 1820

    Joly, Chenevard & Jouvet

    Pink gold, brass, steel; guilloche work, engraving, champleve enamel, punch work;

    13 х 10.5 х 3.7 cm, 228 gr

    Mark on the lid internal side: "Crown with a part of monogram - letters «IС» in lozenge", plate-mark ‘‘18 K”


    Snuffbox in gold rectangular case with rounded vertical ribs, decorated with punched and engraved ornament. Guilloched vertical waves surface and engraved elements widely framed with floral ornament is on the lid. Engraved composition of musical instruments, branches, scroll in laurel wreath on repousse surface is in hexagon inserted in rectangle. The illegible mark in the form of a crown with the part of a monogram in lozenge and alloy mark are under the lid internal side.

    The compartment for tobacco is under the lid. Two buttons are on the front panel: for the music movement switching on and cancel of tunes replaying. Two fixing screws' heads are in the lower part of front and rear sides. Guilloched field comprised of vertical waves and engraved elements framed with floral ornament is on the side and bottom parts. A keyhole is in lerf corner on the bottom side. The internal lid covers the music movement that is comprised of rotating programe cylinder with thin pins for two tender tunes and a sound comb with teeth connected in groups by three. The key with a grip comprised of two rings and cylindrical stem with square aperture from the face end. The snuffbox is stored in velvet box of bordeaux colour with the base and lid trimmed with the cord, with a hinge and a ring lock. The box internal surfaces are trimmed with dark-red sateen and light velvet.