Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with chain, in the box

    Mechanical pocket watch with chain, in the box

    Switzerland, Russia


    Paul Buhre firm

    Gold, glass, enamel, alloy; presswork, engraving, casting

    Diameter 4.8 cm; case thickness 1.2 cm

    On the case and movement lids: "Squirrel", "14K", "61379". On Remontoir: "Squirrel"


    Mechanical pocket watch in smooth round gold case, with three lids, a ring and a crown. Relief image of the Russian Empire Small State Emblem - two-headed eagle beneath three crowns with blue enamel ribbions flaunting ends of the St. Andrew, the First Called Order, with a sceptre and an orb in its paws on the upper lid. The case lid is smooth and free from any decor. The inscription in Cyrillic is on the movement lid.  White enamel dial; hour scale marks are black, the Brege type hands are from golden, small seconds' hand is from blued steel. Three scales are on the dial: minutes', divided into 60 graduations with Arabic numbers; hours' scale is divided into 12 graduations with Roman figures and small seconds' dial with Arabic numerals. Balance watch, on rusby stones, with strike, spring motor, hours, minutes and seconds indication device, with Remontoir (a watch winding device). Chain is in the set. The watch is enclosed in rectangular box with bevelled corners, covered with red-brown leather.
    The onlay coat of arms on the watch top lid is a late replica.