Pocket Watches

Mechanical pocket watch with chain

    Mechanical pocket watch with chain

    Switzerland, Russia


    Firm "Paul Buhre"

    Gold, glass, enamel, alloy; presswork, engraving, casting

    Diameter 4.8 cm; case thickness 1.2 cm

    On the case and movement lids: hallmark "Squirrel", "14K", "61379". On Remontoir: - hallmark "Squirrel"


    Mechanical pocket watch in smooth round gold case, with three lids, a ring and a crown. There is a relief image of the Russian Empire Small State Emblem - a double-headed eagle beneath three crowns with blue enamel fluttering ends of the St. Andrew the First Called Order ribbons, with a sceptre and orb in its paws on the upper lid. The case lid is smooth and free from any decor. The inscription on the movement's lid: "Павелъ Буре поставщикъ Двора Его Величества No 61379" (Pavel Bure, supplier of His Majesty's Court No. 61379). The dial is white enamel; hour scale marks are black, the arrows are gold, "Breguet" type (hour and minute) and from blued steel (small second dial). There are three scales on the dial: minute, divided into 60 graduations with Arabic numbers; hour scale is divided into 12 graduations with Roman figures and small seconds' dial with Arabic numerals. Balance watch, on ruby stones, with an anchor stroke, a spring motor, hours, minutes and seconds indication device, with a Remontoir (a watch winding device).

    A chain is in the set. It is enclosed in a rectangular case with bevelled corners, covered with red-brown leather.

      The onlay coat of arms on the watch top lid is a late replica.