Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking table clock with organ and calendar

    Musical hour striking table clock with organ and calendar

    Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds

    Circa 1770

    Droz, Jaquet

    Metal, wood, glass, steel, brass, tortoise shell; casting, chasing, gilding, mechanical works

    90 x 48 x 28 cm, 15 kg

    Inscriptions on the mounting plate: “Jaquet-Droz”, “La Chaux-de-Fonds”


    Musical clock in wooden case, finished with red tortoise shell with intarsia, cast gilded elements and fixed on four leaf-shaped supports. Cast gilded vine-shaped racks are on the clock case side edges. Cast composition in the form of flower and leaves on rectangular pedestal is on the upper panel of arched dome, pinecones are on the cornice. Ornately shaped carrying handles and doors with locks and openwork meshes, covered with red silk from the inner side, are on the case lateral sides. Pin for winding and cord for switching on the musical movement are on the right side. Dial shield with cast openwork mesh on polished gilded brass bedding is on the front side behind the glazed door with lock. White enamel dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, and Arabic numerals for minutes’ in every fifth division, with two ornately shaped and one black hands, with days’ designation and two apertures for winding the clock work and the clock strike. Glazed opening door with a lock is on the rear side.

    The clock mechanism is pendulum with verge escapement, spring motor, an hour strike upon the bell and engraved inscription “Jaquet-Droz / La Chaux-de-Fonds”. Musical movement: 17-tone organ, with fusée and pinned cylinder for twelve melodies, switched hourly or at random. Two keys are in the set.