Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour and quarter striking table clock with automaton "Bacchus"

    Musical hour and quarter striking table clock with automaton "Bacchus"

    Germany, Augsburg

    Circa 1580

    Brass, metal alloys; casting, chasing, engraving, polychrome painting

    36 x 22 x 29 cm


    Clock in the shape of Bacchus sitting on wine barrel with a bowl in one hand and a spear in the other. Eyes, tongue and the hand with bowl come into motion when the clock is striking. The barrel is case of the clock with round dial. The clockwork, hour and quarter striking mechanisms are inside it. The movement, setting the Bacchus in motion is in the figure bottom. All mechanisms are winded with the same key. The composition with Bacchus is mounted on hexagonal, profiled, decorated with chased and engraved foliage, geometric and animalistic patterns stand on six cast bunches-of-grapes shaped feet. Camisole clasps, a garland of grape leaves and fruit belting the waist, a turban of grapes and leaves on Bacchus head are colored with polychrome painting. The metal clock dial is decorated with engraved image of landscape with a castle, engraved marks of hours scale and black metal hands. Two scales are on the dial: the minutes’ one is divided in 60 partitions and hours’ - divided in 12 partitions with Roman numerals. Balanced with verge escapement, the clock is with device for striking upon bells, with switches for turning the striking on/off.