Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical half hour chiming mantel clock

    Musical half hour chiming mantel clock

    France, Austria

    The 1860s

    A. Olbrich in Wien

    Bronze, steel, brass, glass; casting, gilding, polishing, mechanical work

    Height 56.5 cm

    On the dial: “SILENCE”; on the mounting plate: “7536”, “155”, “A*B”, on the musical movement and sound comb: “A. OLBRICH”, “IN WIEN”


    Musical clock is mounted in the polished case made of gilded bronze with polished sides and leaves-shaped embossed patterns on the corners, on the socle with foliage ornament along the bottom edge, on four leaves-shaped supports. Sculptural figure of a girl kneeling in the anticipation posture is fixed on the top panel; a man's hat with feather on a bench is on her right hand side.

    Ring-shaped dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions, with three apertures with pins for winding the clock escapement, strike and chime, a button for switching off strike and chime with the inscription “SILENCE”, clock escapement regulator, two ornately shaped goldish color hands is on the front side. Embossed ornament is on the bezel.

    Musical movement with a sound comb, pinned cylinder for four tunes, spring motor with marks on the mounting plate and sound comb: “A. OLBRICH / IN WIEN” is mounted in the socle. Round lid with a slotted ornament is on the case rear side of the case. The clockwork is pendulum, with hour striking on the bell and half an hour chiming on eight bells, lever escapement and three spring motors.