Mantel and Table Clocks

Mystery PALAIS ROYAL ormolu clock with musical movement and calendar

    Mystery PALAIS ROYAL ormolu clock with musical movement and calendar


    circa 1830

    Wood, bronze, mother of pearl, metal; gilding, casting, engraving

    22.5 x 17.5x 17.5 cm


    Mystery ormolu clock in the form of a castle with the lateral engraved surface on a hexagonal stand with panels of maple burl. The top panel of the stand is made of mother-of-pearl plates with ormolu rim. A ring-shaped mother-of-pearl dial with a corrugated gold-plated bezel is on the clock case top panel. Hour’s graduation is by the Roman numerals, with minute’s graduations. The arrow in the hands of Cupid is the clock hand. The Cupid is moving on the inner circle in a trolley drawn by two snails. A castle tower with a banner, surrounded by a mirror surface imitating the water in the moat is in the center.

    Mother-of-pearl signs with engraving of weekdays and dates are on the tower. Clock movement is with flat balance, lever escapement, clockwork indicator with a scale and a spring motor. The regulator scale with the hand and letters “R”, “A” and the aperture with a pin for clock winding are on the mounting plate. The musical movement is mounted in a separate wooden case with stickers and consists of a spring motor, sound comb and pinned brass cylinder for two melodies. The panel of the musical movement case with three buttons for switching on/off the mechanism, extracting the mechanism and changing the tune are on the stand front side. The key is in the set.