Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel clock with Putti figurines

    Mantel clock with Putti figurines


    circa 1860

    Bronze, enamel, wood, velvet, shellac, mother of pearl; gilding, casting, chasing, carving, incrustation

    48 x 24 x 63 cm; 13 kg


    Clock with Putti figurines, sitting on gilded bronze cliff. The clock mechanism is in mounted inside the cliff. Musical instruments, books, quiver and laurel festoon are scattered at the Putties’ feet. Two figurines of Putti are on the right side. One holds a harp in its hand and gives instructions to the other one with a scroll in his hands. Rectangular stepped pedestal, its center is decorated with the image of a boy with a bird. The pedestal bottom part is ornated with acanthus leaves, palmettas and flower shoots.

    The dial is white, enamel with two hands and hours’ graduations with Roman numerals.

    Pendulum mechanism with lever escapement, two spring motors, with a musical cylinder movement for six tunes and a comb with 96 teeth.