Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical table clock with alarm

    Musical table clock with alarm

    Germany, Leipzig



    Wood (oak), bronze, glass, paper; casting, presswork, carving, gilding

    18 х 31 х 18 cm; disc 11.5 cm, 2 kg

    On the musical movement: "378590". Inscription on the dial: "Jungans". Pencil inscription on the bottom: "43703Т"


    Table mechanical clock, in wooden rectangular case, with the glazed façade, rear side door and lateral sides; with the carved finial-cover. It stands on the profiled base on four feet, with a carrying handle. The case sides are ornated with bronze twisted columns and an onlay with a palmettas. The finial-cover facets decorated with metal onlays in the form of acanthus leaves.

    The paper dial is ivory-white; the hour scale graduations are black, hands are from blue-finished steal. Two scales are on the dial: minutes’ scale is divided into 60; hours’ scale is divided into 12 divisions with Arabic numerals. Small alarm clock dial is divided into 12 divisions with Arabic numerals.

    Balance mechanism with pin anchor escapement, with two spring motors, alarm device, with exchangeable musical disks and a comb with 30 teeth. Access to the motor is via the case top lid.

    Four discs with one tune on each are in the set.

    The clock is wound and the hands are the hands are by the key.