Mantel and Table Clocks

Table clock with lion and automaton

    Table clock with lion and automaton

    Germany, Augsburg

    circa 1830

    Bronze, steel, brass, wood; gilding, engraving, casting, blueing

    28.5 х 16.5 х 24 cm, 4.9 kg

    Handwritten inscription on pedestal bottom part: "50608R6", "L85", "19063", "1856", "5507"; on the key: "7"

    The clock movement is fixed in wooden case, covered with black lacquer, in the form of sarcophagus with wide pedestal and moulding, on four brass chiselled feet. Cast bronze, gilded figure of reclining lion is fixed on the top brass gilded panel with chased pattern in the form of rhombus. The lion's eyes move in time with the swinging of the pendulum, lion clicks his chaps with the clock striking. The front brass panel is silver-plated with three dials and engraved images of lions, dogs and clambering plants. Large circular dial with two black central hands (hour and minute), minute graduations, Arabic numerals to indicate minutes and Roman numerals to indicate hours, is in the center of the front panel. Two small dials with the engraved central part and one central hand each. The right dial with four unevenly allocated Arabic numerals, designating quarter of an hour and the left one - with twelve unevenly allocated Arabic numerals for defining hours. Three keyholes are on the front and rear sides of the case, two small steel bells are on the bottom plate.