The Doukhobors family from the Slavyanka village

    The Doukhobors family from the Slavyanka village

    Russian Empire


    Yermakov, Dmitri

    Albumin photo paper, cardboard; photo printing

    Photo 21.2 x 16.7.3 cm; passé-partout 43 x 32.5 cm


    Slavyanka was founded in 1844 by the Doukhobors that were relocated from the territory of the Zaporozhye region in Ukraine by the Tzar decree and it got its name, most likely, from the city of Slavyansk, which at that time was one of the Dukhobor community centers.

    Doukhobors is a peculiar ethnic and confessional group. Historically they belong to the Russian religious group, the Adherents of the Russian Orthodox Church. Some social scientist often rely to as the Christian denomination, rejecting the church overabundant rituals, ideologically close to the English Quakers.

    A passé-partout photo featuring a group of Doukhobors residents of the Slavyanka village (a village in the Gadabay region of Azerbaijan) with children in the foreground. The handwritten inscription of the author in black ink "Duchoborzen in Slavianka" is on the passé-partout.