Pinned Wooden Barrels

Unknown composition

    Unknown composition

    USA, New York


    Manufacturer: Autophone & Co.

    Wood, metal, paper

    16 х 4.5 cm

    Subscriptions, inscriptions: On the cover: “MANUFACTURE DE LIMONAIRES. MARC FOURNIER 19, Avenue Général Leclerc” 38200 VIENNE FRANCE Tél. 74. 85-09-77 74.53-08-78”,“S.A.R.L. AU Capital 50.FR – SIREN 314942071”, “Mlle ANGELE. POLKA”, “5,00”, handwritten inscription on the flat end: “Mlle ANGÈLE”

    Contents of the label 1:

    Boskell Backett

    Contents of the label 2:


    Place the Roller

    in the Instrument with

    this end at your left hand.

    Always play a roller through

    until it shifts before removing it.

    Инв. BP-9