Cardboard Discs

Cardboard disc No. 45 "Sing - a Student Happy Day"

    Cardboard disc No. 45 "Sing - a Student Happy Day"

    Sweden, Karlstad


    Gustav Frans Oscar (composer), J.P. Nyströms Orgel & Pianofabrik, Prins

    Cardboard; perforation

    36.5 cm

    Inscription on the disc- "Sjungom studentens lyckliga dag", “No.45”, “Början” (beginning)


    Cardboard disc is made from Manila cardboard, with rectangular holes on the disk radiuses and five adjusting round holes in the center. The line showing the melody beginning is on the front surface. Underlined handwritten inscriptions with the melody name in Swedish and catalog number are in the center. The location of the holes determines the melody arrangement "Sing Happy Student Day (Sjungom studentens lyckliga dag)", written by the Swedish composer Franz Gustav Oscar, Prince of Sweden and Norway (Frans Gustaf Oscar Duke of Uppland Prince Bernadotte) on October 31, 1851 to the words by Carl Herman Sätherberg (05.19.1812-09.01.1897) - Swedish poet, professor of medicine and satirical draughtsman that was published on March 18, 1852.
    Musical instrument Harmonium "Reform-orgel", Инв. No.101.