Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Piano music roll No. 74249 Ludwig van Beethoven “Sonata in D Minor Op.31, No.2”

    Piano music roll No. 74249 Ludwig van Beethoven “Sonata in D Minor Op.31, No.2”

    USA, New-York


    The Aeolian Company

    Paper, metal, wood, cardboard, binding material; presswork, perforation, printing, cardboard work

    6.1 x 32 x 6.4 cm

    Inscriptions, subscriptions on the labels: “DUO-ART”, “THE AEOLIAN COMPANY”, “MADE IN U.S.A.”, “74249”, “SONATA IN D MINOR”, “Op.31, No.2”, “Third Movement, Allegretto”, “Beethoven”, “PLAYED BY IOLANDA MERO”, “2 25”.On the perforated surface: “TEMPO”, “80”


    Paper music roll 28.58 cm wide is reeled on the spool with American standard plastic flanges (with guiding grooves for fixing in the drive mechanism – spool box). The roll leader is with triangular cut, with the end glued with whit color leatherette, with an aperture and label. On the cut field surface: artistic vignette with the label indicating the catalog number, the title, composer and performer names, and the label with authorization and the performer autograph - Yolanda Mero. The music roll contains perforation – the encoded recording of control actions sequence on a musical instrument for playing back a tune - the third part of “ Sonata in D Minor Op.31, No. 2 ” (1802) by German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, (16.12.1770-26.03.1827) performed by  Hungarian-American piano-player, opera and theater impresario Yolanda Mero (30.08.1887-17.10.1963).

    The music roll is stored in parallelepiped-shaped box made of cardboard, composed of bottom and cover, pasted over with brown binding material. The label similar to the label on the roll is on the cover flat end. The label in the frame with the performer signature is on the cover upper side.

    Musical instrument: Reproducing grand piano "Steinway Duo-Art”, Инв. 1005.