Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Folded cardboard music book № 4257 “Ndringhete ndrà”

    Folded cardboard music book № 4257 “Ndringhete ndrà”

    Italy, Bologna

    Circa 1900

    De Gregorio Giuseppe, Giovanni Racca

    Cardboard; perforation, printing

    46.3 x 16.4 x 3.5 cm

    On the cover: on the label: the image of the cardboard music book and the lyre with the star above and the inscription: “Giovanni Racca – Bologna-Piani Melodici”, in the round frame below: “MARCA DI FABBRICA”, “N. 4257”, “Canzone”, “Ndringhete ndrà”, “D DE GREGORIO”, “M. 11,70”, “TIP. MINARELLI - BOLOGNA”. On the perforation field: “4257”, “FF”, DIM”

    Musical instruments: Инв. 2606/ММП Piano Melodico; Инв. 664/ММП Piano Melodico