Paper Music Rolls and Folded Cardboard Book-music

Paper music roll No 37135 Ralf Benatzky “Ein Wiener Walzer”

    Paper music roll No 37135 Ralf Benatzky “Ein Wiener Walzer”

    Germany, Rüdesheim am Rhein

    The 1990s

    Ralf Banatzky, Mechanical Musicboxes Manufactury GmbH

    Paper, metal, wood, cardboard, bookbinding material; press moulding, perforation, printing, cardboard work

    8 х 8.8 х 35.3 cm

    Inscriptions on the labels: “PHONOLISZT – VIOLINA”, “37135 Ein Wiener Walzer (Ich weiß auf der Wieden) Vortragsstück R. Benatzky ”, “Hupfeld”, “MMM”


    Folded cardboard book music is wrapped around “pin-end” standard spool (with metal semi-axes. One of them is rounded, the other one has radial ledges for fixing the playing device drive in the axis slot) with plastic flanges. The book-music leader has triangular cut with the end glued with black leatherette with metal ring. Pink color label in artistic frame is on the roll-cropped surface. It indicates the catalog number, the title of the work and the composer’s name. The perforated roll contains the coded record of the control actions sequence on the musical machine for the tunes playback.

    The roll is stored in a parallelepiped cardboard case consisting of white base and lid glued over with a burgundy binding material. Wooden inserts for fixing perforated rolls are fixed inside the case base. A label similar to that on the perforated roll is on the case flat end.

    The roll contains a coded recording of the Wiener Walzer, words and music by Ralph Benatzky, the instrumental arrangement for Otto Lindemann salon orchestra. It was published by Drei Masken-Verlag G. m. b. H. in Munich in 1915.
    Musical instrument: Orchestrion “Konzërt-Phonolist” (Phonoliszt-Violina Model B)”, Инв.667/ММП.