Metal Discs

Metal disc No. 8061 Von Blon, Franz “Unter dem Siegesbanner”

    Metal disc No. 8061 Von Blon, Franz “Unter dem Siegesbanner”

    Germany, Leipzig

    The 1900s

    Composer: von Blon, Franz, Orphenion - Musikwerke Seiler, Müller & Hensch

    Steel; presswork, printing, oxidation, varnishing

    Diameter 66 cm

    On the face side: “No8080/ “Unter dem Siegesbanner, Marsch/Under the triumphal banner, march/Sous le banniere de triomphe, marche/Franz v. Blon”, brand name


    Disc is manufactured from thin steel sheet by presswork, with round aperture in the center and oblong perforation along the edge. Projection slots; musical piece title in German, English and French, the catalog number, composer last name; trade mark is in the form of the brand name and a lyre with laurel branches entwined by ribbon are on the face side, covered with transparent protective varnish. Projections formed by partial cutting and bending, which location determines the march “Unter dem Siegesbanner” (Under the Victory Banner) sounding are on the work side, coated with a protective oxide layer. The German composer Franz von Blon (1861-1945) wrote the march circa 1890.
    Music player: Disc music box “Orphenion” (No.677).