Metal Discs

Metal disc No. 8032 Robert Vollstedt “Lustige Brüder”

    Metal disc No. 8032 Robert Vollstedt “Lustige Brüder”

    Germany, Leipzig

    The 1900s

    Author: Vollstedt Robert, Orphenion - Musikwerke Seiler, Müller & Hensch

    Steel; presswork, printing, oxidation, varnishing

    Diameter 66 cm

    Inscriptions on the disc: “No. 8032”, “Lustige Brüder”, “Merry blades”, “Jeueux compagnons.”, “Vollstedt”, “Orphenion"


    Metal disc is made of thin sheet steel by presswork, with round aperture in the center and oval holes along the edge. Projection slots, inscriptions with the catalog number, melody title, the author's last name, the trade mark lyre-shaped imprint with ribbon, laurel branches and the inscription “Orphenion” are on the disc front side. Projections formed by partial cutting and bending, the location of which determines the melody to be played are on the work side. Waltz "Lustige Brüder" by the German composer and clarinetist Robert Vollstedt (1854-1919) was recorded for the first time in July 1897.
    Music player: Disc music box “Orphenion” (No. 677)