Wood, metal, paper; painting

    58 х 27 х 42 cm, 15 kg


    Serinette in black wooden case with a hinged lid, richly decorated with paintings, thin yellow and red lines and yellow flowers on the corners. The picture on the facade depicts a pedestal with burning flame, two doves sitting on a quiver with arrows and covered with yellow hat. Floral ornament and frame of fine yellow and red lines border the composition. Rectangular onlays with images of lilies of the valley, framed by thin red and yellow lines are on the rear and lateral sides of the case. Lilac flowers are on the lateral sides, a bouquet of yellow-orange tulips is on the rear side. The lid external part is also decorated with painting: a young boy playing musical instrument is in the center, note sheets and a book are in front of her, two white pigeons with laurel branches in the beaks are on his sides. Rose bushes supplement the composition. The lid inner surface is covered with light blue paper, decorated with lily of the valley branches along the perimeter. The lower part of the facade is decorated with a carved golden profile. The movement is inside - three rows of fifteen pipes in each, fifteen sound boxes, bellows and a wooden barrel with brass clips and pins. Three register handles (one for each row of pipes) are on the left side of the case. A special handle is located on the front side of the façade activates the movement. The range is 45 tunes. Music media: wooden barrel.