Roller Organs and Organettes

Organette model "The Gem Roller Organ"

    Organette model "The Gem Roller Organ"

    USA, Ithaca, NY


    Autophone & Co. (?)

    Wood (mahogany), metal, brass, glass, cotton; painting

    37 х 27 х 23.5 cm, barrel 16 х 4.5 cm

    On the barrel: "123"

    Rectangular wooden case from mahogany with hinged front lid with glass, on four chiselled feet. Facade and lateral sides are decorated with painted floral motifs, the rear side – with geometric pattern. All sides of the case are trimmed with welt figured onlays in the form of a trefoil on the bottom, from inside they are covered with red cotton. Painting with the inscription "The Cabinet Roller Organ Manufactured by the Autophone Co. Ithaca, N. Y." is on the upper side of the lid, flanked by two circles, within which a harp is on the right side, the emblem and the inscription "New York 1885" is on the left side. Black paper label under the barrel indicats the supplier of such tools to the UK and Ireland. Musical movement consists of a wooden barrel and 20 metal valves, opening air access for freely vibrating reeds. The movement is winded by a handle on the front side of the case. Sound range is 20 tunes. Music media: pinned wooden barrel.