Barrel Organs

Street organ “Gavioli”

    Street organ “Gavioli”

    France, Paris


    Gavioli et Cie

    Wood, rosewood, metal, brass, steel, leather; casting, woodwork, lathing, marquetry, painting

    70 x 38 x 67 cm

    On the case front side: “ORGUE TROMPETTES. GAVIOLI & Cie Btes S.G.D.G. RUE DE CITEAUX, 3. FBG ST ANTOINE PARIS"; inside: “3747”; on the blank: “LIS DES AIRS”, numbered list of tunes: “1. Le Crean Valse”, “2. Le Champ de Roses Polka”, “3. Perigodeiro N 9 Gavote”, “4. Champagne Charlie”, “5. Dizei lan...”, “6. Liverpool Hornpipe”, “7. Bapiteir Jinks”, “8. Boro Zingari”, “No d’Orgue 3747”; on the handle: “PAT. MAY, 15. 1900 CANADA PAT. OCT. 12.ICS”


    Street organ in wooden case, on the pedestal with curved feet with brass onlays on the side ribs. Front and lateral sides are veneered with rosewood veneer with triple composed frame. Dark brown ornament of branches, flowers and leaves in the marquetry technique is on the pedestal front side. An ornament with mascaron, rocailles, flowers and leaves, dancers on the ornately shaped columns framed with foliate ornament is on the façade. The central part is closed with a removable frame of dark brown colour with ornament in the form of musical instruments, mascaron, curls, flowers and leaves with three windows, curtained with red velvet from inside. The inscription is below “ORGUE TROMPETTES. GAVIOLI & Cie Btes S.G.D.G. RUE DE CITEAUX, 3. FBG ST ANTOINE PARIS”. A removable pinned barrel lid with an aperture for the axis and three register sliders tips with apertures are on the right lateral side.  A crank in the form of an anchor ere is a rotary arm in the form of an armature, which raises and lowers the keyframe in operating position, is on the case left side. Knife and bolt mechanism is below. The case rear side is stepped. A lid with hook lock is on the top panel. Sets of flue and trumpet pipes are under it. The number “3747” and branded blank with a handwritten list of melodies are on the lid inner side. Pinned barrel for eight melodies, a keyframe with forty-three keys according to the number of basic tunes and notes’ names in German are under the lid.
    With the keyframe raised, the barrel can be moved along the axis and set to one of eight fixed positions according to the selected melody. Metal crank with wooden handle is on the case rear side. As the crank is moved, the worm gear rotates the barrel and drives the bellows that inject air into the wind chest with valves. Pins and bridges on the lift the keys that open the valves of the corresponding pipes. The air from the wind chest enters the pipes and make them sound. Music media: pinned barrel.