Barrel Organs

Steet organ "Original Raffin R20/31"

    Steet organ "Original Raffin R20/31"



    Orgelbau Raffin GmbH

    Wood, metal; painting, carving

    48 х 57 х 33 cm


    Barrel organ hull is made of wood. Central and lower parts of the facade, as well as the lid and sides are richly decorated with floral painting. The legs are decorated with brass pads on the corners. The front side is divided into four segments. A window with a shaped top, through which wooden labial tubes are seen, is in the center. Lateral segments are decorated with painted landscapes. Onlay twisted wooden slats divide the segments. The sides of the façade lower part are decorated with wooden carved onlays, with white metal plaque and an inscription "Orgelbau J. Raffin Überlingen" between them. A hinged lid is in the top part of the barrel organ. It opens access to the movement’s cylinder. A brass plate with the inscription "Original Raffin R 20/31" is on the inner lid side. A crank is on the rear side to the right; a lever and a backward handle are - to the left. Music carrier: paper perforated cylinder. The set includes 30 cylinders and a mobile trolley.