Barrel Organs

Barrel organ

    Barrel organ

    Germany, Uberlingen


    Josef Raffin

    Wood (nutwood, rosewood, birch, pear, mahogany), glass, shellac, brass, leather; marquetry, turning, engraving

    47 х 34 х 32 cm, 18 kg

    Inscription on the lid internal side: "Y. Raffin/Uberlingen» on the front panel of the case: "Original/Raffin R 20/40z"


    Barrel organ body is veneered with walnut, richly decorated with flower buds and curls in marquetry technique, with a folding top cover and a leather carrying strap. Covered with glass door that reveals a row of wooden pipes is on the front side. A handle for rewinding the tape is on its rear side.