Barrel Organs

Street organ "Original Raffin R20/40z"

    Street organ "Original Raffin R20/40z"

    Germany, Uberlingen


    Orgelbau Raffin GmbH

    Wood, metal, brass, leather, fabric, plexiglass; woodwork, lathing, marquetry, engraving

    47 x 34 x 32 cm, 18 kg

    On the case façade: “J Raffin Uberlingen”. On the polished nameplate: “Original Raffin R 20/40z”, “OSCAR EUROPA”, “Ges. gesch”, autograph: “JOSEF RAFFIN”


    Reed organ is mounted in a wooden rectangular case. The top surface, facade and sides are decorated with floral ornamentation, made in the marquetry technique from rosewood, birch wood, pear wood and mahogany veneers. The case bottom part is reinforced with corner brass onlays. Horizontal rectangular window is closed with a glazed curly frame. It is opened forward to a small angle with a round wooden handle on the case right side. The Company name is below, in the vignette. Metal staples, through which the carrying strap from the light leather skin passes, are on the lateral sides. A removable handle for activating the mechanism and a flywheel with a wooden handle are on the case rear side. The hinged double-leaf top lid is locked on two hooks. A polished metal nameplate with an engraved autograph "JOSEF RAFFIN", the organ model and Oscar figure in the artistic vignette are on the lid inner side. Music media: paper music roll.