Singing Birds

Cage with two singing birds

    Cage with two singing birds


    The 20th century

    Metal, steel, brass, plastic, fabric, painted feathers; presswork, gilding, mechanical work

    Height 33.5 cm

    On the sticker: “Aus Pause Ein”, “stop pause start”


    The cage is made of straight metal rods with two polished belts and golden color dome. The cage is mounted on cylinder shaped metal base with embossed foliage and ovoid ornament on polished goldish color surface, on three supports and is closed by fixed cap made from transparent plastic with gilded suspension in the upper part. Rack with a crossbar, decorated with green leaves, on which a bird in red and black plumage with long tail sits is on the base top panel, covered with green velvet. Next to it, on the second rack, the second bird with a yellow breast sits. Cam mechanism with bellows, small piccolo pipe and spring drive is inside the base. Key for winding the spring, an aperture covered with metal mesh and sticker with inscriptions are on the bottom panel, on/off lever is to the right. When the movement is turned on, the birds warble in turn, open and close their beaks, turn their heads and move their tails.