Singing Birds

Cage with two singing birds

    Cage with two singing birds

    France, Paris


    Bontemps Ch. & Co.

    Steel, brass, ceramics, leather, fabric, wood, painted feathers; gilding, casting, painting, mechanical and carpentry works

    52 x 32 x 32 cm, 15 kg


    The cage is made of straight and ribbed gold-colored metal wire rods with cast garlands, birds and gold-colored decorative elements, with dome and pendant in the form of a ball with a ring on the top. The cage is mounted on wooden square stand with bevelled gold-colored ribs with four ceramic inserts with polychrome painting with genre scenes and four inserts in the form of fancy creatures, on eight supports. The bird in brightly painted feathers is behind the bush with two red berries. The upper stand panel is covered with brown velvet, nearby is metal rack with crossbar, decorated with buds, flowers and leaves made of silk fabric, with the bird in red and black plumage and long tail sitting on it. Cam mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe and spring drive, with winding hole and key is mounted inside the stand, with activation lever on the right lateral side. When the mechanism is winded and activated, the birds in turn emit trills, open and close their beaks, turn their heads and move their tails.