Singing Birds

Singing birds automaton with clock

    Singing birds automaton with clock

    France, Paris


    Jean-Marie Phalibois

    Wood, glass, fabric, metal, leather, feathers; gilding, carpentry and mechanical work

    62 x 40.5 x 26 cm, 4.5 kg

    On the rear mounting plate: “644”; on the rim: “644”, “60”


    Automaton in the form of singing birds and waterfall is mounted on the top panel of a black oval wooden base on four chiseled feet with the tree decorated with silk  flowers and leaves. A bird in bright plumage with a green breast, a head with blue feathers and black wings is sitting on the tree. A cliff with clock and small waterfall is on the left-hand side. The second bird with yellow, green and gray plumage is sitting in the grass among flowers under the tree near mirror puddle. The clock in tin case with white enamel dial in raised golden bezel with hours' designation by Roman numerals, minutes' graduations, two Breguet hands and winding hole. The clock movement is pendulum with lever escapement. Cam mechanism with bellow, piccolo pipe and spring drive, with keyhole  and activating lever. When the automaton is activated birds' warbles are heard, the bird on the tree flaps its wings, the second bird leans toward the puddle, as if drinking water, and rises, the water flows from the waterfall. Two keys and protective hood are in the set.