Singing Birds

Birdcage clock with automaton

    Birdcage clock with automaton

    Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds


    Droz, Jaquet

    Bronze, enamel, feathers, brass; painting, gilding, casting, mechanical work

    62 х 34 х 34 сm

    Inscription on the movement: “Week’s R. 1 Mechan.1 Museum, Tichborne St.t” (Week’s Royal Mechanical Museum Tochborne Street)

    Gilt brass singing bird hanging cage, square base with canted corners, each side with medallions and figures, garlands and laurel wreaths. One panel with winding aperture and lever for singing/silent charge. Activating pull cord. Base with center seconds clock with dial beneath. Four feet.

    Brass movement with duplex escapement and adjustable balance. Going train driven by barrel with fusee and chain. Quarter and hour striking, followed by the singing bird automaton and musical train, playing different bird songs on pipes and moving the bird’s tail, wings and beak. The bird also jumps from branch to branch. The musical train is engraved: Weeks’s R.l Mechan.l Museum, Tichborne St.t. (Weeks’s Royal Mechanical Museum Tochborne Street).

    White enamel dial with Roman numerals, outer minute divisions with five minute and seconds Arabic markers. Gilt brass hour, minute and second hands. Winding holes for the going and striking trains and regulation of the going train.