Mechanical Birds and Singing Bird Boxes

Singing bird cage with three birds

    Singing bird cage with three birds


    first half of the 20th century

    Wood, metal, mirror, feathers; lathe

    31 x 53.5 x 25 cm


    Octangular golden color cage stands on four semicircular feet, with decorative dangling ring. The stand with eight unequal facets, decorated with carved onlays and foliate ornament along the perimeter. Three birds and composition of artificial flowers, moss and stones are inside the cage. The is on the case right side, a cord for starting the movement is in the base.

    When the movement is turned on, the spring mechanism drives the system of levers, the bellows and the whistle's piston. The whistle emits the sound, and the birds start to move and "sing".

    Music storage: pinned metal cylinder.


    Инв. 203/ММП