Mechanical Birds and Singing Bird Boxes

Singing bird dome

    Singing bird dome


    Circa 1900

    Wood, shellac, papier-mache, glass; Painting, taxidermy, milling

    22 x 14 x 34 cm, 8 kg

    The composition is presented on a wooden oval base, decorated with black shellac. Base with a wide upper profile, on four chiseled legs. The composition is a rocky cliff with trees, a small waterfall and a castle. There are four birds with colorful plumage on the trees. The movement is located inside the base, consists of an audio comb and a roller for two tunes and a whistle. The musical movements is winded by a key. A lever on the right side of the stand starts it. When switched on, the spring thruster activates the system of levers, the bellows and the piston in the whistle. The whistle emits a sound, and the bird on the top of the rock "sings".