Mechanical Compositions

Louis Philippe music picture with a clock

    Louis Philippe music picture with a clock


    middle of the 19th century

    Wood, glass, gesso, gold leaf, paper, metal, foil; painting

    89 x 101 x 39 cm


    Wooden, rectangular, covered with gold leaf frame rimmed by relief laurel branches. 5-cm enamel dial with Roman numerals in a polychrome painted church behind houses with an automaton watermill and water fountain, a bridge with train across simulated water with moving ship, the painted background showing a mountainous landscape with moving balloons along the horizon, all automata connected separate movements, count wheel gong striking anchor movement with connection to a separate movement, striking the angelus on two gongs, music movement playing one of six melodies with a 21-cm cylinder and a comb, hinged glazed stucco gilt frame.


    Инв. 2222/ММП