Musical automaton "Old woman - knitter"

    Musical automaton "Old woman - knitter"

    France, Paris


    Roullet & Decamps

    Sewing, mechanical works, painting; sewing, mechanical works, painting

    Height 63 cm


    A figure of an elderly woman, engaged in knitting, sits on a wooden chair with chiselled back. The woman is wearing a long dress made of striped fabric with high collar, decorated with lace trim. Wide cuffs are fastened by cufflinks. An openwork metal brooch with transparent gem is on her neck. Black twill apron with pockets is put on over the dress; a bundle of threads is in the pocket. Wooden knitting needles are in her hands. The head is of painted papier-mâché. A guipure cap with pink ribbon is on the head. Blond hair is natural. A keyhole and a start/stop button are hidden in the dress under her right hand. When the mechanism is turned on, the music plays, and the figure comes into motion. The head bends and rises, blue glass eyes are closed and open, the hands make compound movements. She is knitting full heartedly and pulls out the tip of her tongue.
    Musical movement with cylinder and sound comb plays one tune.