Music automaton "Acrobat clown on ladder"

    Music automaton "Acrobat clown on ladder"


    circa 1890

    Lambert, Léopold

    Porcelain, paper, wood, fabric (cotton, silk, velvet), metal, sequins; embroidery, painting

    Height 64 cm


    A clown with bisque head, brown glass paperweight eyes, closed mouth, brunette mohair wig, pierced ears, carton torso, hinged legs, bisque forearms and hands, is wearing a lavish silk clown costume and is posed standing upon a seven-rung metal ladder, his hands resting on the upper posts. When winded, he performs a well-balanced acrobatic act, first bringing himself up to balance on both hands, and then balancing on just one hand, pausing and then repeating three times, while music plays.


    Инв. № 1998/ММП