Automaton "Girl blowing soap bubbles"

    Automaton "Girl blowing soap bubbles"



    Roullet & Decamps

    Porcelain, paper, wood, metal, fabric (cotton, velvet, silk), beads, feathers; painting

    54 х 28 х 27 cm, 5 kg


    Automaton is a figure of a girl standing on a stand and holding a soap bubble in her right hand and a metal bowl in her left hand. The rectangular wooden stand is covered with red velvet and decorated along the perimeter and on the sides with glossy-yellow metalized braid. The girl is dressed in a cotton sandy dress with floral ornament, decorated with lace trim on the bodice and a pale golden silk rim with a bow, and three amber coloured buttons. The dress has puffed sleeves and tall narrow cuffs with a silk pale golden ribbon. The girl’s neck is decorated with light pink beads and beads' earrings in the ears. A straw hat is decorated by a silk ribbon with a bow, complemented with artificial flowers and feathers. She is wearing white cotton socks, leather beige shoes with pale pink silk bows on toes. The head is made of porcelain, hands made of papier-mache. The music movement is started with a key and a lever activates the tunes. It is located on the rear side of the stand. When the automaton is launched, the girl turns her head from side to side, brings soap bubble to her lips, puts it in a bowl with soapy water, and blows bubbles.