Automaton musical "Magician"

    Automaton musical "Magician"



    Lambert, Léopold

    Papier-mache, biscuit porcelain, fabric (velvet, silk, drape), wood; painting

    Height 61 cm


      Bisque-headed illusionist with unusual character expression enhanced by untinted white complexion with painted clown decorations of lady bugs and blue ants, small blue glass eyes, closed mouth with smiling expression, authentic wig, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms and bisque forearms. He is posed in the elegant manner behind wooden table with green felt cover, and is wearing his original magenta silk jacket with gold silk lapels, shirt, fitted pants, leggings and tall top hat. He holds a baton in his right hand and silver cup in his left one. When winded, the illusionist performs a series of movements: moves head from side to side as though seeking the audience, then nods to begin the performance. He taps the cone three times with the baton, and lifts the cone to reveal a treasure beneath. The action is repeated and each time different treasure is revealed: three red balls, sunflower with red "jewel" center, silver star with "diamond" decorations and gilded butterfly. Meanwhile, two tunes are played ("Le Lac Champlain" and "Ma Petite Fauvette"). Musical movement is mounted inside the base, winded with the key on the rear side, activated by lever.