Automatic String Instruments

Barrel piano dulcimer

    Barrel piano dulcimer

    Great Britain, Bristol


    W.F. Taylor, musical instruments maker

    Brass, steel, wood, fabric; woodwoks, polishing, turning

    40.3 х 95 х 35.5 cm; cylinder 32.5 х 19 cm

    On nameplate: “W.F. Taylor, Musical instrument maker № 57 Broad Quay Bristol”. On the lid inner side – paper sticker with notes’ tone system of the instrument and handwritten inscription “22 Note Street Piano W. Taylor Bristol”. Stamps on pinbock (Wirbelbank): on the left - “W.Taylor Maker 748”, on the right – “W.Taylor Maker Bristol”; handwritten inscription on soundbox: “1848”


    Barrel piano duicimer in wooden case trimmed with fine wood, with irregular shaped base, vertical part closed by detachable frame. The frame is tightened with Bordeaux fabric ornated with metallic rosette in the center. Soundboard and strings are behind the frame. Pinned wooden barrel, which is rotated by S-shaped crank and wooden hammers, pasted with felt, on steel rods are in the bottom part under the rounded lid.

    Note record and the inscription "22 Note Street Piano W. Taylor Bristol" are on the lid inner side. When the crank is rotated, the pins make the hammers hit along the strings and two bells in the requested order. Melodies are changed by moving the barrel along the axis. The musical range of the instrument is 22 tunes.