Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical Box

    Musical Box



    Mahogany, brass, metal; turning, casting, lithography

    62 х 46 х 103 cm, 27 kg

    Inside the case on brass frame: "B 293"; Inscriptions on matal plate inside the case: "CAPITAL MUSIC BOX PATENTED APRIL 9. 1889 NOS. 401187-401188 MAY 15.1894 JUNE 12. 1894 JAN. 8. 1895 /START/STOP


    Wooden rectangular mahogany veneered casket with a hinged lid on four chiseled feet. An imprint is on the lid inner side – the early spring (thaw). Inside the case on the front of A cavity for cylinders’ storing is on the front side inside the case. The box rests on a wooden table, with four feet. A shelf with a central circular stand in the form of a truncated cone for exchangeable cylinders storing is in table the bottom part.

    The movement is wound by turning the crank on the right side of the box and activated by a lever in the base.