Disc Musical Boxes

Musical box with metal disc

    Musical box with metal disc

    Germany, Leipzig

    Symphonion Musikwerke

    Wood (nutwood), metal, velvet, silk; carving

    50 x 31.5 x 40.5 cm; disc diameter 30 cm

    On musical movement: "Schutz-Marke/Trade Mark/Made in Germany/Symphonion/264516"

    Rectangular nutwood carved box on four feet, with a hinged lid and a lock. An image of an angel playing a mandolin is on the front side of the case. Composition with the image of a young man and a girl is on the exteranl surface of the lid. An oval silk insert with an image of a young man with a girl, and an inscription "Symphonion" are on the lid internal side. The lid is covered from inside with dark green velvet.

    Musical movement consists of the metal disc and two sound combs for 86 tunes. The movement is winded with the special crank on the box right lateral side. A pull-out handle for switching on and tunes start/stop lever are to the left. There are 11 disks in the set.