Disc Musical Boxes

Musical box with metal disc

    Musical box with metal disc

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    Wood (beech, pine, oak), metal; carving

    49 x 43 x 10 cm; disc diameter 11.5 cm

    On the movement "9611"

    Wooden openwork box made in the form of a Chinese pavilion on rectangular pedestal. The case is veneered with three breeds of fine wood. The door is decorated with flowers, bamboo leaves and an image of a stork on the front side. The roof's top is crowned with dragons located on the sides, and a flower in the center. The movement is covered by a door. A metal disc and a sound comb for 30 tunes are inside. The movement is winded with the key, which is inside the case on the left side above the disc. The movement is activated by a lever.