Russian Sculptures

Peter the Great on Lake Ladoga

    Peter the Great on Lake Ladoga

    Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg

    The 1830s

    Carl Tegelsten bronze and silverware factory, Pierre Guede workshop

    Bronze, malachite, marble; casting, chasing, gilding, mosaic

    25.5 x 16.3 x 10.2 cm


    Sculptural composition with the image of Peter the Great standing at the stern, surrounded by waves is mounted on rectangular marble pedestal revetted with malachite. The tsar is shown in a 3/4 turn to the right, legs wide apart, in short fur coat, camisole, over the knee boots; with bandage and sword at the waist. His left hand is extended forward, his right one is pulled back. The composition was created on the basis of the painting "Peter the Great in the boat caught by a storm on Lake Ladoga" by artist Charles de Steuben (1812).