Russian Sculptures

Composition "Smoothy Conversation"

    Composition "Smoothy Conversation"

    Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg

    The 1870's

    Bronze, malachite (stand); casting, gilding, chasing

    18.5 х 18.7 х 14.2 cm


    Gilded bronze composition depicting a barefoot girl sitting on a bench and a man hugging her around the waist and whispering in her ear stands on smooth rectangular base lined with malachite. The girl is wearing a shirt and skirt tied with belt, with beads on her neck; She holds a spindle in her right hand that rests on her knee, her left hand is in the hand of a guy with moustache, in belted shirt, trousers, boots, with his hair cut in the style of a bob. The guy holds a spinning wheel with sliver between his thighs.