Russian Sculptures

Little Russian (Ukrainian) strolling musicians

    Little Russian (Ukrainian) strolling musicians

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    Late 19th century

    Pozen, Leonid , Woerffel bronze and lapidary art factory

    Bronze; casting, patination

    29.5 х 28.3 х 23.6 cm

    On the base: “ЛЪП. ПОЗЪ”; mark of K.F. Werfel artistic bronze factory


    Sculptural composition "Little Russians strolling musicians", depicting a hurdle with a pot, next to which stands a barefoot teenager in peasant's coat of heavy cloth, a peaked cap, with a begging bag; rests on a crook. A figure of a bareheaded man sitting cross-legged in boots in peasant's coat, who plays a mechanical musical instrument, is on the foreground. A hat and a bowl for alms lie nearby.