Russian Sculptures

At the crossroads. Composition

    At the crossroads. Composition

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    Сirca 1883

    Antokolsky, Mark

    Bronze; casting, patinating

    Height 79 cm

    On the base facade: crossed letters "P" and "X"; on the pole on the left: "Via ad Colosseum", on the right: "Via Tiberiana"


    Sculptural composition At the Crossroads, depicting a young Christian girl, with her eyes closed and fixed in the sky.
    Female characters of the master, as a rule, were young girls: martyrs for faith, mermaids, and river nymphs. And although they were distinguished by the refined femininity and exquisite beauty of the lines, they were marked by the imprint of tragedy and sacrifice. The sculptor had the task of conveying a certain state of the character, poetry and sincerity of nature. The highest virtue of a woman is seen in spiritual beauty. Young Christian gild has already chosen her own way. Her eyes fixed in the sky show that she will go to the Colosseum without hesitation.