Panorama of the Kremlin and Zamoskvorechie district

    Panorama of the Kremlin and Zamoskvorechie district

    Russia (?)

    second half of the 19th century

    Paper; Chromolithography, lacquer

    211.5 х 22.7 cm


    The horizontal plane features a continuous friso with a closed (round) panorama of the Kremlin and Zamoskvorechie district taken from the Ivan the Great Bell Tower located on the Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square. The panorama is printed on eight sheets, it starts from the Nicholas Palace revealing the Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square on the front and buildings of central streets (Mokhovaya, Vozdvizhenka, Tverskaya) on the background; it goes through the Senate Square to the Spassky Gates, the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, Zaryadye, the Moscow River embankment, Moskvoretsky Bridge, Bolotny Island and Zamoskvorechie district. The Panorama was completed not earlier than the 1860-s, which is indicated by the presence of bell tower of Saint Sophia Church in Middle Sadovniki (1862-1868, architect N.I. Kozlovsky) and a nearby building of the so-called Kokorevskoe courtyard (the beginning of the 1860-s).