Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

Carousel-shaped music box

    Carousel-shaped music box

    Middle of the 20th century

    Gerd Moser

    Ruby, silver, obsidian; carving, casting, polishing, mounting


    Magnificent and opulent ruby and gold vermeil music box, created as an old-fashioned, two-tiered carousel; comprised of twelve animals, each hand carved from ruby-zoisite matrix: cat, rooster, frog, goose, pig, giraffe, rabbit, bear, two ponies, a chimera-type creature with fish tail, and an elephant. All inset with small ruby eyes, except for the frog which has black obsidian eyes. The platforms and pyramidal roof comprised of polished slices of ruby, surmounted by a rearing ruby horse at the top; complimented by old-time carousel music from a Wurlitzer band organ.