Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items



    The 20th century

    Obsidian, cacholong opal, lapis lazuli, zoisite, turquoise, silver, gold; carving, polishing, casting

    Height 22.2 cm and 24 cm


    One Cossack carved from in obsidian is in Circassian coat, with gazyr bags (tube with a bullet and a measure of gunpowder or a paper cartridge) from lapis lazuli and gold, with gold chain, belt and dagger, adorned with enamel. Papakha (tall Caucasian fur hat) and scarf are from zoisite, the scarf is adorned with gold tassels. Boots are carved from obsidan. The second Cossack is in Circassian coat with gazyr bags from grey obsidian and lapis lazuli collar, with gold chain, silver belt and a dagger. Cacholong opal with turquoise papakha, black obsidian boots. Eosite hands and face, black obsidian beard and hair. Eosite scarf with gold tassels. Round base from gray obsidian.


    Инв.2893MC432/ДПИ и 4265МС432/ДПИ