Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

Seal preform “Atlas”

    Seal preform “Atlas”

    Russia, Ural

    Late 19th - early 20th centuries

    Rock crystal; carving, grinding, polishing

    Height 10 cm


    Seal preform is the shape a kneeling Atlas figurine located on small square pedestal with rounded edges, a matrix of Atlas, holding the globe on his shoulders.

    "The iconography of Atlas, leaning on the bent knee, traces back to the sculpture of Farnese Atlas.

    The figure of Titan Atlas standing on the knee was depicted in the first geographical atlases of the 16th century. The title of maps almanacs’ originated from the name Atlas; hence, the celestial sphere on his shoulders was replaced by the image of the earth's sphere. The engravings with the similar image adorned the title pages of geographical atlases“.

    Quoted from “Carl Faberge and masters of stone carvings”. Russian gems. Moscow, 2011, p.294