Lapidary and Bone-carving Art Items

Rutilated quartz bonbonnière

    Rutilated quartz bonbonnière

    Britain, London

    2nd half of the 20th century

    Stephen Webster Ltd.

    Quartz, enamel, gold; carving, polishing, guilloche

    Stamped "W" for Stephen Webster, 18ct


    Gold Bonbonnière щf classical form, with a contemporary twist, carved from a single piece of highly transparent rock crystal quartz. Displaying a host of reddish-golden rutile needles, the quartz is nonetheless transparent--an indicator of its quality. The hand-forged base consists of a substantial amount of 18K yellow gold, and bears panels of translucent reddish-orange and sage green guilloche enamel over an engraved ground, centering on a line of small brilliant-cut diamonds.