Lapidary Works of Art and Ivories

Gemstone carving of a Russian painter-decorator

    Gemstone carving of a Russian painter-decorator

    20th century

    Rhodonite, eosite, lapis lazuli, agate, jasper, silver, gold; carving, polishing

    Height 15 cm


    A classic Russian character figure rendered in a variety of native Russian minerals: the head carved of eosite inset with faceted sapphire eyes; the shirt carved of Russian rhodonite; the trousers of lapis from the Baikal region; the apron of pink eosite; the boots of agate; the hat and hair of jasper; the removable bucket carved of rhodonite with an oxidized silver handle. Accented with 18K yellow gold rope twist belt and holding a silver and gold brush under the arm, while he holds a carved jasper brush in the other hand.