Western European Enamel

Decorative cornucopia-shaped drinking horn

    Decorative cornucopia-shaped drinking horn

    Austria, Vienna

    Late 19th century

    Herman Bohm

    Rock crystal, enamel, silver; chasing, engraving, champlevé enamel, gilding, cloisonne enamel


    Cornucopia-shaped goblet made of rock crystal, decorated with carved foliage ornament, in gilded silver setting, with hinged lid. The figure of a young man - a hunter with killed bird in his raised hand and three dogs spinning around his feet are on the lid. The lid is decorated with foliage pattern and colored enamel masks. The horn body with three silver inserts, decorated with floral patterns and hunting scenes of colored enamel, ends with the figure of a dog. The stand is in the form of a deer figure. Rock crystal round base with carved floral patterns in gilded silver frame, decorated with colored enamel foliage ornament.