Western European Enamel

Ewer with basin

    Ewer with basin

    Austria, Vienna

    Late 19th century

    Karl Bank

    Rock crystal, enamel, silver; chiseling, engraving, champlevé enamel, gilding

    height 22 cm, basin diameter 24.5 cm

    Maker’s mark “KB”, Vienna city mark “A”


    Rock crystal jug with silver spout rim, curved handle in the form of a panther with lizard tongue, decorated with foliage ornament of translucent colored enamel, with caryatid figure. The body is decorated with engraved foliage ornament, with two silver rounded inserts, adorned with foliage patterns from colored translucent enamel. Round rock crystal leg at the bottom is in silver setting with foliage ornament of colored enamel.

    Round silver basin with six trapezoidal rock crystal sectors and a round one in the center is decorated with carved foliage ornament. The setting is gilded, richly decorated with foliage ornament of colored cloisonné enamel and six figures of caryatids covered with white and blue enamel, which are holding white enamel masks rimmed with colored enamel foliage pattern with fruits.