Russian Enamel

Set of coffee spoons

    Set of coffee spoons

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Silver, enamel; painted enamel over filigree background, gilding, casting, repousse

    Length 10 cm

    Mark: “АЕ”; tee of Moscow District Assay department for 1908-1917 with alloy "84"


    Set of twelve silver coffee spoons, with oval smooth deep cups, with rounded, partially twisted and decorated with filigree stem with ornately shaped finials. The spoon external sides are decorated with multicolor filigree enamel foliage pattern in the Neo Russian style, comprised of fancy flowers with leaves and placed on repoussed background. Steel rings with blue enamel rim the spoon edges. The stem upper part is decorated with rows of teardrop-shaped ornament with lilac enamel; finials are adorned with ornament of oval-shaped pattern with blue and navy-blue enamel. The color scheme of enamels is based on the combination of navy-blue, blue, green, violet and pink colors.